A luxury Accommodation near Montpellier

The enjoyment of dining

In a country where gastronomy and sharing are have become an art, at Souki Lodges & Spa hosting begins with what is served to eat.

Whether for breakfast or dinner, Gilles and Fabien select the quintessence of seasonal, local and organic products.

From simple meals like a homemade picnic basket or selection of aperitif boards, to the most sophisticated chef’s dinner, Souki masters fine dining for the enjoyment of your taste buds.

Bucolic picnic for lunch

Having lunch on the grass is so enjoyable. While there are a multitude of things to share in the surrounding area and the Mediterranean sun glorifies the countryside, a picnic in the country is crafted like a French art of living.

At lunch-time each day, Souki brings you a cold picnic basket filled with delicious organic products and local specialities.

You’re free to set out by bike or car to explore the region and enjoy a tasty break to treat your taste buds.

Share a dinner

While the sun is slowly setting and casting a pink-tinged orange glow across the sky, Souki Lodges & Spa provides an aperitif board with specialities and wines from the region.

To enjoy on your terrace watching the sun go down.

At the table d’hôtes, when it’s not a guest gourmet chef cooking his Tasting Menu, your host cooks creative and generous recipes.


well-being promises

Like a tribute to slow living, at Souki Lodges & Spa simple pleasures and privileged moments sketch the outline of your romance lost in the trees.

You’ll revel in an odyssey time has forgotten feeling you’re in paradise surrounded by mesmerising nature.

At the end of the day, sink into the peaceful elegance of the setting, by diving into the pure water of the natural pool, being lulled by the bubbles of your private jacuzzi or by letting our masseuse apply their magical touch.

Infinity pool with a view

A few steps away from your lodge, the natural infinity pool catches the rays of the Mediterranean sun.

With lush greenery sheltering you from view, dive into clear water equalled only by mountain waterfalls and turquoise lagoons.

After having swum for a while in the natural pool, enjoy the divine setting and its breathtaking view.

In this little paradise perched on top of the world, enjoy swimming a little, relaxing a little and revel in the peace and quiet.

Treatments & massages on the terrace

This is the opportunity to take some time for yourself. After a long walk, let your masseuse work their magic.

A massage, body treatment or facial… Your masseuse follows a protocol tailored just for you and the treatment you’d like. She’ll smooth out all the tension you’re feeling, balancing your energy, making stress melt away, detoxing your body and easing aches. Using pressure, stretching and light strokes with incredible precision, you’ll feel your body relax free and your mind empty.

Just pause for a moment. You can also choose from a wide choice of beauty services, manicures and pedicures.

Electric-assisted bike ride through the countryside

What’s more romantic than a freewheeling through the garrigue on a bike?

Put your picnic in the basket, hop on your electric-assisted bikes and set off on an adventure. From the heights of Cabrières to the banks of the Salagou, pedalling through picturesque villages and vineyards on the way, you’ll cycle across the valley going wherever you feel like. When the sun starts painting the sky red, head back to your lodge to watch it slowly sink into the horizon.